What Harness Best Suits Fog Lights?

Selecting the best fog light wiring harness will allow your vehicle's fog lights to achieve peak performance and enhance longevity. The quality harness will also lead to a direct, efficient power output that can increase the brightness and reliability of your fog lights by 30%. There is a lot that goes into specifying these harnesses, they must be right with the correct wire size and connector types so they are efficient dropping past groups or well assembled loops.lastname.

Gauge is an industry term that describes the thickness of a wire, which directly correlates to how much current it can hold without burning up. Thicker gauge (14-16) type wire is generally better for fog lights to keep your lights at as close to 12V all the time over that length of a run.

For example, 2019 saw a major anecdote about vehicles being disabled in bad weather as the result of improper wiring harnesses stemming from fog light malfunctions due to poor quality electrical connections. This resulted in further scrutiny and specifications for harness manufacturing to avoid such problems.

I suppose as Nikola Tesla once declared, "The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked...is mine. This pre-planning is important when selecting a fog light wiring harness that will satisfy contemporary requirements and be ready for lighting technology innovations to come

Even if the ambivalence regarding a fog light wiring harness rings prominently in your ears, know this: A dedicated harness is what keeps those pesky little halos fed and happy. Enter lamps that last longer and work better, which not only means they will shine more reliability in bad-visibility conditions but also extend the life of your bulbs.

Buying a reliable fog light wiring harness means that your new lights will perform the way they should - giving you optimal visibility through even some of the darkest and most abstrusive road conditions. This is an incredibly important little upgrade to vehicle safety and efficiency, especially for those who live in areas where they drive frequently through difficult weather.

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