Are There Waterproof LED Strip Lights Wholesale?

Waterproof LED strip lights are available wholesale and serve as a solution to many types of installations where the strips will be exposed either directly with water contact or humidity. Outdoor security lights have an IP rating which is a coding system to show their protection against the ingress of solids and liquids. For example, if it is IP65 rated strip then its dust-tight and protected against low-pressure water jets which suits well for out-door/bathroom use.

LED strip lights wholesale purchase is easy on the pocket Waterproof ones are usually more expensive than non-waterproof models as they have to use extra materials and technology in order to withstand the moisture. But the cost per unit is a lot lower with bulk buying. For instance, when that price drop could be as high as 20% with orders over 500 meters (which contractors and large projects routinely do.

These waterproof LED strips are especially handy in the field of landscape lighting where you may truly need light-up a wide place or just to accent trees, your home, fountain or whatever else. Both are landscaping solutions that treat your property to the following benefits: aesthetically enhancing, long-lasting ground lighting for all outdoor weather conditions and forms of precipitation (be it rain or snow) Marina Bay Sands in Singapore showcases a fantastic installation of waterproof LED strips lighting the outdoor promenade for functional and decorative light in commercial environments.

Experts in the field always stress using right kind of waterproof LED strips for various applications. A widely regarded lighting specialist, Thomas Keller adds: "Make sure the IP rating corresponds to what is required for your outdoor use case in order to preserve durability and efficiency of LED lights across their lifespan."

Which is why for moisture exposure or outdoor lighting solutions, LED Strip Lights Wholesale with the correct waterproof rating is necessary. This is a measure that will enhance durability, contains efficiency revoking obstruction and essentially assists you to maximize cost-per-performance.

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